For those wanting a more realistic battlefield experience we have added to our Battlefield Pro collection. These laser taggers are great for those 10 years and above. 


P90 Personal Defence Weapon

The Battlefield Sports P90 laser tag gun is great for re-enactments, especially for sci-fi stories like StarGate SG1. All P90 gaming guns come with the latest digital technology installed.
Red dot scope lowered for fast target acquisition and better aiming Lens housing is aluminum throughout for increased robustness Antenna bracket more slim-line for strength.
The handle is polyurethane and is lighter and stronger than previous designs. 




Scorpion SMG

This laser tagger model is in the Special Compact (SC) class of weapon. It is great for either indoors or outdoors and, in particular, Close Quarter Battles (CQB).

Our laser tag equipment is 100% portable, tough, and weather-resistant.

This model has been designed to deliver lightweight, compact performance and an exciting new look to your Mobile Laser Quest experience.

This gaming gun is designed for exceptional performance and durability.



M4 Carbine

The M4 (for example, emulating a colt commando) is great for re-enactments.

Since we use infrared rather than paint balls you can safely use your authentic costumes without them getting paint damaged. Our sensors can be attached to any hat, head wear or helmet with Velcro. 

You can have the most authentic combat entertainment experience with role playing games with everything from SWAT team to Navy Seals.

Standard issue color: Hammerburst black.

  • Red Dot Sight
  • Metal body, resin handle (m16 style).
  • Trigger full trigger mechanism
  • Weight: 4kgs
  • Recommended environments Day/Night Outdoors 
  • Gun Length: 87cm


Claymore Mine 

The claymore mine is a terrific battlefield accessory if you are running with a Milsim theme. 

Blow the berzookers out of your enemy! This amazing claymore mine is distinctive prop in live gaming area of operations.

This new model mine retains its iconic three panel design. The Claymore mine explodes in 2 ways:

  • Claymore
  • Dirty Mine.

When emulating a claymore mine unit is configured in “kill” mode. This means that if a gamer is in range, they will automatically be reduced to zero hit points, no matter what level of HP they were on.

This configuration actually shoots continuously for 22 seconds. It has a cool “Geiger-counter” type sound effect. The claymore comes with a bank of infrared emitters so it has a board area, but short-range, effect.

Our standard issue colour is Black.




These laser taggers are made in Australia by Battlefield Sports


Our equipment doesn’t use potentially harmful lasers to defeat your enemies – Our Laser Taggers incorporate infra-red light into our designs, meaning you can use our gaming guns outdoors, with ranges of over 150 metres. It also means the technology is completely safe, and can be used by players of all ages! 



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